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This information is presented by The Gold Standard GRP. We are independent business partners of Karatbars International and certify that this is not a multilevel marketing program. We provide information for those who are willing to work and earn by using the Wealthbuilders Worldwide strategy of network marketing, while also utilizing the full potential of the Karatbars affiliate program. We do not guarantee any specific results from this program as it depends on the effort of the individual. We do stand behind this business model and encourage those who choose to participate to understand each part of the affiliate compensation program.


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Join the Gold Standard Group Monday Night public conference calls to learn about Karatbars and this wealth building opportunity. Additional information and training can be found at the Wealthbuilders Worldwide and Gold Rocks training sites listed on the right. Please feel free to send us you questions or comments or create your FREE account using this link or any register button on this site. Thanks,

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