Wil Swink Digital Art

Designed by WilSwink.com exclusivley for the GS50 launch on Binance Chain, this work of art is a physical painting that hang in Wil Swink's collection. Wil has agreed to drop his digital NFT's on The 80/20 platform. Follow his instagram @wilswink and get to know his art.

About This NFT

The Locksmith by Wil Swink

This piece was contributed by Wil to represent the GS50 in it's infancy stages. This is also a specially generated ERC-721 token that includes over 20 different backgrounds, frames, and imprints to create one of a kind assets. Visit Locksmith on Opensea to see the entire collection.

Format: ERC-721

Network: Polygon and BSC

Max Supply: 1149

Circulating Supply: 0


PRICE: 25 MATIC or 0.1 BNB


Before buying, you must ensure that the nature, complexity, and inherent risks are suitable for your objectives in light of your circumstances and financial position. You should understand the extent of your exposure to potential loss. GSG and its affiliates, agents, and sponsors will not be liable for any actions taken as a result of your use of this website or participation.